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Ju Ge Mu / Shimbashi – Round 2

Second time round, I gotta try dishes that I haven’t tasted yet.


Japanese traditional lemonade

Japanese traditional lemonade

Real fun opening this bottle up though I needed a hand from the “expert”, one of the friendly Japanese waiters!!! Make sure you drink it only when the two dents are facing towards you, otherwise the marble may block the flow. That’s what the “expert” told me.

tori-bone brush



A bit burnt unfortunately. It tasted good but I’d prefer a golden yellow chicken to dark brown.

rice balls brush

Crispy rice balls

Crispy rice balls

There was nothing inside these rice balls, only the top was seasoned. Pretty nice to have it when you have other main dishes to accompany with.

kitsune soba brush

Kitsune soba

Kitsune soba

Soba is famous in this restaurant and I usually have kitsune with udon, so I tried soba this time. The soba was chewy, pretty hard to find elsewhere. With the sweet bean curd, it’s heaven to many vegetarians.

knowledge What is kitsune? Turn on the light!

vegie soba brush

Veggie lovers' soba

Veggie lovers’ soba

The slightly battered veggies with the chewy soba, another vegetarian dish to die for!

Tempura ice cream

Tempura ice cream

Don’t expect the ice cream being deep-fried like normal tempura dishes! No rocket science, the ice cream will definitely melt in the hot, sizzling oil. “Tempura ice cream” is just a fancy name. It is actually ice cream with choux pastry wrapping it around. I was happy that I wasn’t given plain vanilla ice cream but with blueberries inside. Worth a go!

address 246-248 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089

phone (02) 9904 3011



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